The LIVE Dublin premiere of 'Street Wisdom For Lost Souls'
The Workman’s Club, Wellington Quay, Dublin on Sunday, February 18th, 2024.

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Steo Wall is a singer songwriter from Dublin now based in Co Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. With the release of his Debut album, Where I’m From in Sept 2018, Steo barged his way onto the Irish music scene.

“Streetwise and sentimental, Steo’s gritty Dublin rap and folksy heart-on-sleeve love songs are definitely en vogue and the input of Luka Bloom and Damien Dempsey adds a professional polish to an uncut diamond.” Eamon Carr, Horslips.

Mixing traditional Irish folk with some contemporary Irish rap, Steo brings the listener on a journey from the badlands of Dublin working class housing estates to the beauty of the west coast of Ireland. Steo paints a picture of rebellious loved friends and adored family members, the album being an homage to those gone before him. Street Wisdom For Lost Souls  is the highly anticipated second studio album release from Steo Wall. The albums most recent single release, Glory Days debuting at No1 on the RTÈ recommends playlist and staying on the list for two weeks.

“No lies or gimmicks, no ulterior motives, he’s the real article, this is Irish soul music, Damien Dempsey.”

Street Wisdom For Lost Souls, much like his debut, is a mix of spoken word and folk inspired melodies all woven to an acoustic groove.

“I’m lovin this album, a pure drop of the raw bar, Christy Moore.”

In 2018 Steo was asked to perform at the Inuagrul RTÉ Radio1 Folk Awards in Vicar Street. And was again asked by RTE to sing, Rainy Night In Soho, as part of Ireland’s Favourite Folk song in 2019, in 2022 Steo starred on another RTÈ music series called, Foster and Allen Lost In Music which was aired on national television. In January 2023 Steo was musical guest on The Late Late Show and The Tommy Teirnan show. In October 2023 Steo performed in the RDS as part of Ireland 100 old song re-sung. Presented by South Wind blows and RTE. Street Wisdom For Lost Souls is out now. Available from all streaming platforms and

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